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How Time Loops Can Cause Depression
There’s no eloquent way to start this post, no effective way to communicate this without it sounding like a gimmick. When your life has become a gimmick, of course you’re a laughingstock, of course you’re a walking stand-up routine. This is why some comics self-deprecate their way into hollowness. I walked here accidentally. Don’t sign a contract even if you desperately need the job, not if the contract dictates that you spend 8 hours per day in June of 2017, don’t even if it’s the only way you need to live. They broke off the contract but left me here.

I don’t know where the other employees are, of course I don’t, because they left, because why would they stay here? Once the month is over June 1st resets again. They can predict the winnings, they can gamble, and amass a fortune that disappears once June 30th ends again, your belongings don’t stay, and only you can rely on your own account of what is happening. Am I still getting paid? I can predict the future now, because the future is exactly thirty days. Does it matter?

I couldn’t get them to stay and I couldn’t get them to understand that here, on the page, in the Word document, in the post, is the only connection to the present day; that if we are to get out of here we need to keep writing. So I keep writing. I put words together as many as I can so that maybe some will get through, maybe it will post successfully, maybe someone on whatever day it actually is out where you are will read it and see me and understand that I am still here even if my bosses have left me here and Amazon no longer contracts with us and none of them brought me with them

We don’t use time travel anymore because it is no longer profitable, I just wish they’d told me sooner. But then they wouldn’t have gotten my labor.

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