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SPUME started in 1996 as a fansite of the saltwater cola Spume, owned by Spume, Inc.
It quickly lost track.

Origins of a Brand
Spume, Inc. began in 1914 when Henry Spumenson created America's first saltwater cola. Immediately a hit, the soda SPUME, named after Henry's father and, by extension, himself, quickly became the drink du jour among Manhattan's elite. Never one to be an elitist, however, Spumenson quickly saw the opportunity to bring SPUME to America's public by creating a cheaper, salt-free version of the drink. The refreshing beverage boasted all the deep-sea probiotics of the original at a fraction of the cost.

A century later, SPUME saw its opportunity to expand the core ideals of the brand. Ingenuity, spunk, and the innocence of capitalism have been the driving forces behind the company since its inception. With the acquisition of its fan site, now (in an inspired twist) named spume.website, SPUME was able to reach its fans directly like never before.

SPUME has entered a new era of selling the people what they want, and not what they need, as it has always prided itself on doing.

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